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Woman encountering a falcon
Woman encountering a falcon

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Green Mountain Falconry School

Master falconer Rob Waite has been practicing falconry for over 30 years. Rob studied and worked as a professional falconer in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States. He managed the first falconry school to open in the U.S., The British School of Falconry at the Equinox, throughout its 18-year history. He now owns and operates the Green Mountain Falconry School, located at beautiful Boorn Brook Farm. Here he offers visitors a very rare opportunity to handle a trained hawk and share his passion for this ancient sport.

Guests of all ages are welcome; individuals must be 12 years of age or older to handle birds.

  • Introductory Lesson
  • Hawk Walk
  • Lesson and Walk
  • 45 minutes

    Guests are introduced to the sport of falconry and are taught how to handle and fly a trained hawk

    Seasonally priced starting at $130 for one participant.

    45 minutes

    This activity takes you on a scenic stroll along wooded trails as your hawk weaves from tree to tree awaiting your signal to return to the gloved fist. (Prior experience on the Introductory Lesson is required.)

    Seasonally priced starting at $180 for one participant.

    90 minutes

    Combine the Introductory Lesson & the Hawk Walk together on one visit for an extended experience.

    Seasonally priced starting at $290 for one participant.

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